Welcome to Flo's Kitchen

What makes Flo's Kitchen different? The answer is super FRESH spices, lovingly roasted, ground and blended to help you cook the most delicious, complex, subtle and fragrant curry you've ever tasted. 

I meet lots of people who love curry, but they don't have the time to buy the individual spices you need for a really authentic curry. And if you do have the time, bags of Turmeric, Cumin and garam masala will sit at the back of your cupboard going stale and lifeless.

So, when you buy a spice pack from The Flo Kitchen, you can be sure you're getting the real deal. Super fresh spices, lovingly prepared on the week of shipping to make your curries SING. Honestly, when you've tasted one of my curries (our curries - I make the ingredients, you make the curry!) you will never look back. 

It's time to say NO to takeaways, and NO to boring JARS of processed curry


curry tutorial from Flo Balderson on Vimeo.