How to make perfect pilau rice

This is a question I get asked all the time. So many people panic, but it's super easy if you follow Flo's foolproof method. 

You will need white basmati rice, butter and Flo's Rice Spice mix for this recipe.

First off, make sure your don't overwash your rice. Quick soak and gentle run off. Be careful not to break the grains. 3 cups of rice will give a generous serving for a family of 4-5

Now, add your rice to an oven proof pot with a well sealing lid (Le Creuset is ideal) that can sit on the hob and go inside the oven. Fill your pot, so that there's 1cm of water over the rice. 

Put your oven on to 150 degrees centigrade. 

Add a dessert spoon of salt, a knob of butter and Flo's Rice Spice mix (the spice mix is included in the Friday Night Curry Pack).

Now bring your rice to the boil on the hob. As soon as it hits the boil, put the lid on, drop the heat to low, so that the rice is simmering. Set the timer to 12 minutes. Hey siri set timer for 12 minutes. Open wine. Resist the temptation to look! 

At 12 minutes, take the rice off the heat. Give the rice a very gentle fork, and if you like you can add a dash of food colouring (make a cross shape with two colours). Be gentle and be quick, you want the steam to stay inside the pot. Pop the lid back on and put in the oven for 20 minutes. 

The rice will be fully ready. Gently fork the rice through to mingle the colours and the flavours. You can garnish with some fresh chopped coriander to really finish off your rice.