How to make chicken curry

Friday Night Spice Pack instructions 

To follow these instructions, you will need to buy a Friday Night is Curry Night spice pack, and a few other bits. Then you're ready to go. 


My name is Flo and I am going to be teaching you how to make the ultimate chicken curry with my very own spice kit. The video below will explain the process but I will also be giving you all the key steps and tips for absolute perfection. This curry is unique and rich with flavour and heat. Treat all of your ingredients with respect and as my dad says 'cook with love, passion and flair'. 


-  2 chicken breasts

- 4 cloves of garlic

- A thumb size piece of ginger

- 1 large onion

- One little jar of Flo's curry paste

- 1 tbsp of tomatoe puree

- A tin of tomatoes

- Flo's Dry Spice Mix

- Flo's Whole spice mix

- Lemon

- Fresh coriander

- Flo's Rice Spice Mix

- Seasoning

- Butter


- Naan (optional)

- 1 tbsp of natural yoghurt (if you like a milder curry)


- It is imperative when cooking a curry to prep all your ingredients because you need to be constantly stirring and watching the pan. Finely chop your ginger, garlic and onion. Chop your chicken into bite size pieces.

- Heat your oil in a wok and add your whole spice mix. This will infuse the oil and begin the process. Keep stirring these spices and keep the heat to a medium.

- Add your onions and gently fry them. They need to colour and become soft. Add your ginger and garlic and maintain the stirring at all times. If this burns then you must restart because the burnt flavour will overpower the entire dish. 

- Add your tomato puree and chicken. Let the chicken cook for about 5 minutes then add your curry paste and your dry spice mix. Make sure your chicken is well coated in all those gorgeous spices. Then add your tin of tomatoes.

- At this point, you can season generously, salt is key to a good curry as it helps the flavour of the spices come through. Add 300ml of stock and you can leave it for approximately 20 minutes on a simmer stirring occasionally. 

- Keep tasting and checking on it every now and then. When it is ready you should see a glossiness to the sauce and the smell will be simply stunning!

- Whilst the curry is cooking you can make your rice. Add your the rice spice mix to your desired amount of rice along with a knob of butter and some salt. 

- Double the quantity of water to rice and add that to the pan (make sure the water is boiled)

- Bring the rice to the boil then simmer it with the lid on for exactly 12 minutes. We are steaming the rice so do not remove the lid at any point until your timer goes off. 

- If your curry is tasting too spicy then add a dollop of natural yoghurt which will cool it right down. 

- Finally serve with a squeeze of lemon, fresh coriander and a toasted naan




curry tutorial from Flo Balderson on Vimeo.